If you were to love me
Who would I be to judge?
I would try to guide you along
a different route
But you’re as stubborn as me
And you would stay planted
at my side
Truth out
Ears open
Tears shed
And here you still are
Feet planted firmly on the ground
Next to mine
Mine are dancing
A person with ADHD
unable to retain themselves
Having to move along
No direction in mind
But away from you
Not comforted by the thought
of you
Sticking around
Terrified by the thought
that I
won’t stay
You are the truth
and I
won’t allow myself
to listen

"Do one thing everyday that scares you" my favorite quote but yet I haven’t found situations recently for me to live it out. Shall I go hunting for the challenge or relax my bones until it comes looking for me?
Eleanor Roosevelt